Tools For Pros

The tools you need to stay connected

Public Profile

Individual instructors can create a publicly searchable profile on this site. Name, contact details, resort, specialties, etc. on our public facing website. Profile has the option to “book a lesson” which routes the request to you and your resort for followup.

Quick Connect

A quick connect web based form that allows you to send a quick note to your client immediately following the lesson with all your contact details, link to your public profile and a brief message from today’s lesson complete with a photo or video you shot with your smart phone during the lesson.

Progress eCards

Create a Lesson Progress eCard that tracks and celebrates milestones that your client has achieved complete with “what’s next.” This is a great way for your student, or parents of your student, to know where they are today, and where they are headed tomorrow or during the next lesson. Choose between Alpine, Snowboard and Freestyle progress cards.

Pro Tools